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Vinyl Plastic Wristbands - Strong and Waterproof!

Wristband vinyl wide face Vinyl-wristbands
  • Full range of colours available in both slim and wide face.
  • In a modern matt finish or high shine in neon colours
  • Gold and Silver available
  • Snap fastener for single use
  • Waterproof
  • Artwork – Minimal Set Up Charges
  • Unprinted and Printed available

Still sensibly priced, these modern, triple layered wristbands, are strong yet comfortable and elegant. Available in a matt finish or a high shine in the neon colours, these bands are now being championed as the preferred look for those who wish to promote a quality image. Choose from Vinyl Slim or Wide Face bands. 

Once the bands are closed they can not be opened again without damaging the band since the plastic snap fastener is especially designed for single use only.

Please be advised that the print on vinyl wristbands is sensitive to lotions, salt water and sand.

Before we start the production we send you a print proof so you can approve or amend it. 
Once we receive your approval we will pass the order on to our production department. 
We kindly ask you to send us your logo in a graphic format such as EPSAI (Illustrator) or PDF(Acrobat Reader). 
Our advise: dark print colours on a light background colour offer the best visual result! 
Please always clarify which size you prefer, the print colour and quantity.



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