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Silk Plus Lanyard with Unique Appearance

Silk plus lanyard two ribbon sewed together Silk plus lanyard ribbed and shiny ribbon together Lanyard_silk_plus Silk plus lanyard with full color print
  • Minimum order quantity: 500 pieces (20 mm), 100 pieces (25 mm)
  • Width of ribbon: 20 mm, 25 mm
  • With full color print
  • Silk ribbon is personalized one side, Ribbed ribbon's colour can be choosen
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Appearance: Ribbed ribbon is matt, Silk ribbon is shiny, high sheen
  • Accessories: choose from the "Accessories" menu

For a Lanyard with a sophisticated and unique appearance, we have married two different textures of ribbon together and the result is both imaginative and invites an increased level of interest. One ribbon is in a strong ribbed satin in a primary colour of your choice and the other is a soft silk ribbon which carries your personalised artwork. The striking contrast between these two materials adds a new dimension to both your graphics and overall appearance of the Lanyard.

Print specifics: Digital processing produces a high definition finish, reproducing your graphics to the highest quality. The photorealistic print remains clear throughout the life of the Lanyard because of the high tech process involving heat transfer which impregnates the ribbon with dye. This is termed as  sublimation printing.

Close shade matches can be achieved for Spot colour printing and exact colour matches on print process colours – CMYK. 

Please be aware that your graphics will only be shown on the silk ribbon. For the under ribbed ribbon, you may choose either a contrasting or same colour match to the silk ribbon.

Wherever you wish to impact a brand, message or an awareness of your organisation, these new generation digitally printed Silk Plus Lanyards will  immediately advertise the connection.

Widely used at conferences, festivals, events, exhibitions, clubs, colleges, sporting occasions, and for anywhere requiring marketing or identification of personnel/group members, the application of Silk Plus Lanyards is endless.

Before we start the production we send you a print proof so you can approve or amend it. 
Once we receive your approval we will pass the order on to our production department. 
We kindly ask you to send us your logo in a graphic format such as EPS , AI (Illustrator) or PDF(Acrobat Reader). 
Our advise : dark print colours on a light background colour offer the best visual result ! 
Please always clarify which ribbon size you prefer, the band and print colour, quantity and the hook you prefer.



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