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Everyone knows what they are and hardly anyone knows what to call them! Key cords! Lanyards! Badge Holders! The ‘Thingies that go round your neck’! 
They give immediate awareness of your event or business and in the meantime hold passes, tickets, keys, mobile phones, etc. Our lanyards are still a trendy item but above all they remain a practical, indispensable item at an event, in your company or in your personal life.

Standard lanyards

Luxurious lanyards

Special lanyards 

SATIN: 10, 15, 20 of 25mm wide, matt appearance, soft and trendy, full colour printing SATTIN RIBBED: 15, 20 of 25mm, despite their increased robustness, their slightly ribbed surface is still smooth and soft and ideal for digital full colour print R-PET: 15 of 20 mm, manufactured from recycled PET bottles, full colour printing
NATA: 15 or 20mm wide, ribbed, shiny finish that draws the eye with a more robust finish, printable in 2 colours and glow in the dark DE LUXE: 15 of 20mm, very strong, ribbed ribbon, high sheen, VIP appearance, full colour printing REFLECTIVE: 20 mm wide ribbed ribbon with the additioin of a 15mm inset of reflective stripes
DOUBLE FOLDED: 10mm wide, 100% polyester, ribbon available in many colours, printable in 2 colours SILK PLUS: 20 of 25mm, two different textures of ribbon: matt Satin Ribbed and high sheen Silk, full colour printing SILICONE: 15mm, 100% silicone rubber, bio degradable, printable in 2 colours


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