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Vinyl card holders

03-1 poliakryl badge holder 02-1 vinyl badge holder 02-2 vinyl badge holder 02-3 vinyl badge holder
  • transparent, seethrough
  • from inexpensive vinyl material
  • different sizes available
  • you can secure with clip or hook
  • on stock, delivery in few days!
  • compatible with our lanyard hooks

Sealed of soft vinyl material, our Cardholders protect your card from dirt and damage.

You can choose from many different sizes we keep on stock, meaning a delivery within few days!


  • 100×60 mm: Horizontal, Vertical
  • 105×75 mm: H, V
  • 80×120 mm: V
  • 115×125 mm: V
  • 110×150 mm: V

With unique size we can produce from a quantity of 5000 pieces.


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