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Window, floor and wall stickers

Window-floor-and-wall-stickers-5 Window-floor-and-wall-stickers-4 Window-floor-and-wall-stickers-6 Window-floor-and-wall-stickers-7 Window-floor-and-wall-stickers-8 Window-floor-and-wall-stickers-9
  • Ideal for marking and signalling
  • Good adhesion to floors, indoor walls, brick walls
  • Full colour printing
  • Contour cut
  • For indoor and outdoor

Are you keeping the doors to your company or store open or will you reopen soon? Do you want to prioritise the health of your staff and customers? This is possible when everyone follows social distancing guidelines. Our eye-catching, self-adhesive vinyl window, floor and wall stickers are a visual reminder for anyone entering your business premises.

All our stickers are printed with a UV inkjet printer, this ensures the best colour quality for your design. The stickers are supplied on a sheet and are pre-cut, making them easily removable from the paper. You choose the shape in which they are pre-cut during the personalisation stage: a rectangle, circle or your own design.

We have 3 different materials for our window, floor and wall stickers: 
A standard white sticker 
A semi-permanent white sticker 
A transparent sticker

The adhesion period depends on the chosen material. 
standard white sticker has a very good adhesion and can be used indoors but also outdoors on a flat surface. These stickers are extremely easy to stick and remove. 
semi-permanent white sticker has excellent adhesion and can be applied both indoors and outdoors. This strong adhesive sticker, under fair wear and tear conditions, will stick for several years, even on a rougher surface. 
transparent sticker can be printed double sided. Please note that if you want a design on both sides, the adhesive side of this sticker must be fully printed. If your design needs to be partially transparent, you can only print on one side. These stickers have a very good adhesion on flat surfaces. In addition, they can be used indoors and outdoors and are easy to stick and remove.

We offer a total of 6 standard sizes. For rectangles you can choose between: A4, A3 and A2 format. Our circles are available with a diameter of 25cm, 40cm or 50cm.

Do you prefer a custom design or a cut out in a different shape? You can contact us for a custom quotation. The maximum width for a white sticker is 160cm. For a tansparent sticker, a maximum width of 130cm applies.


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