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Carbon Neutral Shipment noteable step was taken by Orakel in July 2010 to join UPS, a global carrier company. Their initiative to demonstrate a willingness to lessen the impact of leaving carbon footprints by introducing a carbon netrual way of sending packages etc. We feel as UPS do that we have a professional responsibility, borne of an educated awareness, to uphold our work ethics and be able to demonstrate this through our working practises. To explain how this works, UPS first purchases certified CO2-credits for their carbon neutral shipments and the cost of these compensates for the emissions caused by sending consignments. These credits for a small fee are then made available to companies whose manufacturing processes produce CO2 emissions or greenhouse gases below a set level which UPS monitor. UPS are a member of a worldwide certificate and validation body who are dedicated to reducing fuel consumption, saving energy, recycling, and are proactive in their approach to reducing emissions.


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