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Öko-Tex certified addition, Orakel's woven textile wristbands are Öko-Tex certified. Since 1992 the Öko-Tex 100-norm has become the international safety norm recognised throughout the textile industry. The Öko-Tex Standard 100 certificate is not an environment certificate but a recognised quality certificate for textiles that are free from health damaging substances. This certification ensures that standards are observed in the production of textiles relating to any potentially harming influences such as production plant metals/steel etc, harming colourants and plant treatment procedures. The Oko-tex insignia is immediately recognisable by all users.

 Any product that carries the Oko-Tex insignia has passed stringent tests by independent institutes, who apply unambiguous, strict criteria. These are:

  • Guaranteed free of colourants which may cause allergenic reactions.
  • Guaranteed free of carcinogenic colourants or similar substances
  • Contains rigidly enforced low tolerance percentage levels of insecticides
  • Ensuring a skin-friendly ph-value



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